Conveyor Belts Jointing & Maintenance Products/Services

  1. OMI Products Assure & Guarantee of Splicing & Maintenance Work, Done as to Prevent Future Problems.
  2. We Work to the Highest Safety Standards with On-going Trainin, Communication & Safety Evaluations.
  3. OMI Products Gives Guaranteed Satisfication with Strong, Long-Lasting Repairs.
  4. We are Proven to Be A Cost Effective To Minimize Downtime
  5. Increase The Profitability of Your Plant Using OMI Brands

Quality Management

We develop Customer-specific Products that meet the high demands of our Customers through the consistent application of our in-depth expertise. A quality management system, build and based upon international standards, that encompasses every single part of our various locations, guarantees the consistent, excellent quality of the goods.

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