OM-2000 used for conveyor belt jointing

Cold Vulcanizing Rubber Cement

Cold Vulcanizing rubber Cement/adhesive is used for bonding rubber to steel, rubber to rubber, fiber glass, concrete, wood and fabrics. This versatile liquid adhesive will cure at room temperature which eliminates the need for heat curing.

Diamond Rubber Sheets for Conveyor beltst

Conveyor Belt Rubber Sheets

Rubber Sheets prevent leakage across joints by filling gap, formed between two metallic components while coupling them together. This make the joints watertight, heat, oil & temperature proof.

Conveyor belt Maintenance Splicing tool kits

Conveyor Belt Splicing kits 

Conveyor Belt Splicing tool kits consists of special types 26 nos. tools to meet the urgent requirement for conveyor belts splicing, vulcanizing, jointing, repairing, maintenance, Pully/drum lagging work etc.

Vulcanizing Patch Kits

Conveyor Belt Repair Patch kits

SVP Cement & Self  Vulcanizing Rubber Cement/ patches For Instant Repair of Conveyor Belts, we provide Special Self- Vulcanizing patches with CN Bond layer for damaged edges, Holes, Gauges Longitudinal cuts & impact brakes..

Welcome to Oliver Rubber Industries LLP

Oliver Rubber Industries LLP (Formerly known as Oliver Micon Inc) is renowned as World’s Leading Manufacturers & Exporters of Conveyor Belts Splicing Materials (Cold Vulcanizing Glue/Solution/Adhesive & Hot Vulcanizing Kits) for both Fabric & Steel Cord Reinforced Conveyor Belts of all cover grades, Conveyor belt Pulley/Drum Lagging Rubber Sheets & maintenance products.

Our manufacturing facility is fully equipped with the latest technology equipment and hi-tech labs and our founder of company bring over 35 years of experience to the business of this industry.

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